Mike Solon

Mike Solon is based in Washington DC. Before Jan 2012, Mike was the principal of a Washington consulting firm, Capitol Legistics, which he founded in 2007. His clients included major corporations and trade groups, such as Exxon-Mobil, Dow, Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform, Akin-Gump, Amgen, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Moody’s, Blackstone, Mortgage Insurance Companies of America, and Lone Star. Mike is a 25-year veteran of Capitol Hill, with extensive experience in various Leadership offices. While his focus has been on budget, tax and economic issues, his experience extends to appropriations, homeland security, environment, energy, healthcare, welfare and other matters facing the Finance, Banking and Appropriations Committees. From these efforts, Mike has gained a unique understanding of the complex parliamentary and budgetary rules that govern consideration of any legislation in the Senate.  His unique perspective allows him to integrate the necessary elements of policy, procedure, and politics.

Prior to his 14 years with Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas, Mike worked for Congressman Dick Armey of Texas, and worked with numerous other House Members during his tenure with the House Republican Study Committee. Mike joined Senator Phil Gramm in 1988, ultimately rising to the position of Economic Policy Adviser. He later joined the Senate Majority Leaders Office under Senator Trent Lott where he served as the Economic Policy Adviser. Following that, he was chosen as the Staff Director of the Senate Steering Committee under Chairman Phil Gramm, and later served as the Deputy Staff director of the Senate Banking Committee and Legislative Director for Gramm. Mike later joined the Senate Republican Whip Office of Mitch McConnell as the Policy Director and when McConnell became the Senate Republican Leader, Mike was named Policy Director for Strategic Planning. Mr. Solon’s other experiences include advising elected officials like Dan Quayle and Bob Kasten, along with Social Security Commissioner Dorcas Hardy. He also was the economic adviser for the House Republican Study Committee. He served in the campaigns of former Texas Governor Bill Clements and former Congressman Steve Bartlett, and was an adviser to the presidential campaigns of Senator McCain in 2008 and to Senator Gramm in 1996.

Mr. Solon received his BA from the University of Texas in Austin. His post graduate studies includes work in Economics from George Mason University.