About US Policy Strategies

US Policy Strategies is a legislative advocacy and strategic advisory firm serving a variety of corporations, trade associations and investment firms. Our core competitive edge is using unparalleled economic and fiscal expertise combined with a deep understanding of policy, procedure, and the practices of individual Members. Together, this permits US Policy Strategies to anticipate the opportunities and risks facing our clients, and develop creative, insightful solutions that are both proportional and practical.

Whether the challenge is a broader long-term strategic offensive or a pressing short-term targeted defense, USPS has proven capabilities for both.

Senior Partner Michael Solon has served with leaders in the House and Senate, including as a top economic adviser to Leader McConnell, Leader Lott, and Senator Phil Gramm, in addition to senior roles on the Senate Steering Committee and Senate Banking Committee. His portfolio has included extensive work on tax, budget, health, appropriations, homeland security, energy, environment and other matters as part of managing his Senators’ assignments on the Finance, Banking and Appropriations Committees.

He has published extensively in major national media outlets and advised numerous corporate and trade association clients since leaving public service after 25 years. He is recognized as one of the most effective legislative strategists in Washington DC.

Like a good pilot on the Mississippi River, US Policy Strategies knows the currents, knows what the river bottom looks like and knows how the big flood affects the small stream. Our deep knowledge of economics, government and the forces that shape decision-making in Washington allows USPS to identify the hidden obstacles and opportunities that others miss.