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WSJ: The Myth of American Inequality

Taxes and transfers in the U.S. put its income distribution in line with its large developed peers. By Phil Gramm and John F. Early Aug. 9, 2018 6:51 p.m. ET America is the world’s most prosperous large country, but critics often attempt to tarnish that title by claiming income is distributed...
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WSJ: How Income Equality Helped Trump

Working Americans sense that taxes and transfers now leave them little better off than those who work less. By Phil Gramm and Robert B. Ekelund Jr. Frenzied rhetoric about income inequality was a larger theme in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign than in any previous American election. When the ballots were...
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Trump’s Trade Threats Are Hurting Growth

Tariff tensions promote economic uncertainty, which in turn inhibits business investment. By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon Economic uncertainty and prosperity are sworn enemies—when uncertainty reigns, prosperity fades. Uncertainty undermines prosperity by sapping investor and consumer confidence, choking off private investment, and suppressing consumer spending. The depression that followed the 1929...
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